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The short personal version: I was kind of a weird kid, homeschooled and wildly curious, always reading about a new subject. This curiosity has lead me down a lot of different paths as a leader in different industries and businesses. Through them all, the common thread has been my love of learning; appreciation for the beauty of imperfection, and the ability to see the good in individuals. I am a graphic designer with 20+ years of experience and a small business owner several times over. I’m a healthy mix of creativity and researcher; warm, bubbly and curious about what lights you up, so I can help you share your unique offerings with the world. I’m passionate about creating beautiful, intuitive brands.

The much longer professional (slightly boring) version: Deanne Swain's award-winning graphic design projects are the product of years spent perfecting her expertise, and of her joyful soul. Deanne works with clients to craft their ideas and messages into powerful visuals.

After graduating from Northwest College with degrees in both graphic arts and graphic design, Deanne served as a designer for a weekly newspaper, taking on a redesign project that earned the publication both state and national awards. 

Deanne went on to become a founding partner, creator, and lead graphic designer in the launch of a new community newspaper in Sublette County, Wyoming – the Sublette Examiner. Her work received dozens of honors from the Wyoming Press Association, including first place awards every year for her work in advertising and typography, as well as other honors. 

After stepping away from the newspaper business seven years later, Deanne began offering freelance graphic design services and now designs for a variety of clients – from campaigns for local businesses and events, to a complete publication redesigns for The Shepherd, a monthly trade magazine, and the Sublette County Magazine, a local real estate and business guide. 

Resume available here.