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I am a Wix Web Designer within the Wix Partner Program, meaning I have designed more than 30 websites on the Wix Platform. I have more than 8 years of experience designing on this platform.
I find it offers an easier learning curve for clients who wish to maintain their own sites and I love the fluid structure that allows for more creativity in design.

However, if you're looking for more nitty-gritty details, read on ....


  • All Wix Editor sites are created with a drag & drop editor, which allows me to provide you with a completely customized design and layout – unlike many other platforms which restrict the user to a fixed and unmovable structure.

  • This easy-to-use and navigate editor also means that you will be able to update the finished site yourself, should you choose. However, I will continue to be here for you, offering pay-as-you-go changes or reasonably priced maintenance packages should you prefer.

  • Your Wix site can grow as your business does. You're not limited to one design or layout, or even one plan, forever. If you need to add extra pages and/or features or upgrade your hosting plan for more functionality, no problem!



  • Wix offers multiple in-house web hosting plans to suit your specific needs (and budget), whether it be a classic web design (large or small), a blog, an eCommerce store, online bookings and/or events, or a simple landing page.



  • I prefer to use Google Domains and point to your Wix website. However, Wix offers domain registration along with the aforementioned option to transfer/pointing from a third-party registrar (GoDaddy, Google, etc.)



  • Wix is affiliated with GSuite / Google Workspace and can offer a professional email address ( once you have a domain registered.



  • Wix not only automatically includes HTTPS security in their hosting fees, but they also offer a site history function, which allows you to find, view and restore older versions of your site.



  • All Wix sites are mobile-friendly and are edited via a separate editor which allows for further design customization for mobile viewing.



  • With an array of useful apps that are all fully integrated, and therefore a part of Wix's actual platform (no updates or ongoing maintenance required), you will not run into compatibility issues, as you will with other platforms (like WP) which require you to find apps and integrations via 3rd party vendors.


  • Wix offers 24/7 support.



  • All Wix sites are able to connect to Google console and analytics. Wix also provides an indepth area of analytics on the backend of your website.


  • For those of you looking to keep more of your tasks under one roof, Wix also offers a very impressive business management system called ASCEND as well as (the aforementioned) fully stocked App Market. It is no longer just a website builder. We can work together to select and integrate a number of useful tools and services, allowing you (and your team) the convenience of managing much your business in one centralized location.

    Some of these elements and functionalities include:

  • Database & Contact Manager –– anytime someone contacts you via your website (sign up, contact, purchase, etc) the contact info that they provide will auto-save to your Wix database

  • Wix Inbox –– this is where you will manage all of your interactions. You can view all Wix-based correspondence with your customers, and respond to them from here as well.

  • Automations –– customized auto-responses that will go out anytime a site visitor performs a certain action (subscribe, contact, purchase, etc).

  • Email Marketing –– create and send custom-branded newsletters

  • eCommerce –– for online shops, online bookings, events, restaurants

  • Live Chat –– which integrates with the Wix mobile app

  • Wix Invoicing –– create, send, track, and manage invoices

  • and more ...

BUT WAIT! Deanne, what about SEO … doesn't WordPress have better SEO?

     WIX used to have a bad rap when it came to SEO –– keywords "USED TO."

     That is no longer the case, and the platform provides all the basic AND advanced SEO

     tools you will ever need.

     Here are some great articles to reference, if you're concerned about Wix's ability

     to rank well in Google and other search engines.

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