Hi love ~

I see you there struggling. 


Are you wondering where it all went wrong, where you got lost? Asking yourself … is this all there is? 


I see you perhaps working through the loss of that relationship, that job, that former identity.


Are you wondering who you might be beyond those identities. What else is out there for YOU?


There HAS to be something more out there, doesn’t there? Isn’t there?


This was my life in 2012. I felt drained every day. I hated the empty nagging feeling in my chest. I was SO tired from trying to keep up appearances, exhausted from trying to please the little nagging voice in my head that continually said, “Do More. Do it Better. Do it Faster. You aren’t enough.” All while longing for something more … but who the hell had the time to even figure out what that even was? 


This was my breaking point, I was done. I didn’t know what it was, but there had to be something more. I blew up a large part of my life in the searching, left a 15-year marriage, broke up with friends, had a few one-night stands, read an unworldly amount of self-help books, paid thousands for coaches and weekend retreats, dated an older man, dated a much younger man, went on solo road trips and adventures. All in the quest to find what lit me up, what turned me on and who I was. 


Who I am.


And I tell you — from the bottom of my very happy heart — that it was worth every dollar, every tear, every self-reflective question and dark night of the soul. Finding my light is what truly set me free.


If this resonates with you, rest assured, it’s not the final destination, this isn’t all there is, you are wonderful and bright and YOU, my love, are worth the exploration of yourself. 


Ready to begin your journey into yourself? Ready to discover what lights you up?


"Deanne showed empathy and was so gentle with me, very much creating a safe space for me to show up. She really helped direct me towards what kind of goals I had for the tough week I was anticipating, which helped me think through some things I hadn’t yet thought through."

—  Teresa C.

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