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Marketing 101 -- 1,000 ft. view

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Below is a talk I gave at our local Chamber's Jump Start program, which helps individuals start their businesses.

First impressions are formed in under 7 seconds. That doesn’t leave much time to grab someone’s attention. I’m Deanne Swain, and my passion is in helping people and businesses to create alignment and share their message in a clear authentic manner. I’m a graphic designer with over 21 years experience in publications, advertising, and marketing here in Western Wyoming … It’s my pleasure to visit with you this evening about marketing.

What is marketing to you? {discussion}

Seth Godin, modern day guru of marketing says that: “Marketing is the act of making change happen.”

Effective Marketing involves:

- A lot of psychology & knowledge of your ideal customer

- Test Test Test - test your theories out, adjust and repeat

- Asking for help - being willing to accept constructive criticism

Before we can jump into strategies and specifics of marketing your service or product we have to lay the foundation that will make the specific strategy flow with ease.

Cornerstone #1 Who Are You?

  • Values/Characteristics (handout sheet) - narrow your values down to the top 3 or 4, write on a stickie notes, place around your home/office, LIVE them.

  • Be Authentic & in Alignment across your professional & personal life - this builds Trust with yourself, your family, friends, and clients

Cornerstone #2 What is Your Why?

Cornerstone #3 Who Is Your Tribe? You are not for everyone

Demographic Profile (Census, Neilson Data, anything quantifiable)

  • Psychographic Profile (qualitative attitudes, beliefs, associated behaviors REMEMBER: fears, doubts, concerns, hopes, dreams, aspirations are NOT about your product/service, it’s about your Avatars view of the world)

  • Geographic Profile (where do they live; where do you want to focus your business)

Cornerstone #4 Where to start: Smallest Viable Audience & grow from there

  • What is the Smallest Viable Audience?

A minimum viable audience is the smallest possible market you can serve and that can sustain your business as it grows. It’s about targeting the people who will particularly benefit from what you are offering.

  • Show early adaptor section of Simon Sinek talk (same link as above, starting at 15 min point )

  • Two things happen when you delight your minimum viable audience:

  1. you discover it’s a lot larger group than you expected

  2. they tell the others

Marketing Resources:

For specific strategy learning & techniques, check out

Seth Godin - Purple Cow, This Is Marketing

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